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Discover Cheltenham – From Spa Waters to Shopping

The picturesque recency town of Cheltenham nestled in the beautiful Cotswolds is one of the most sought-after places to live in the UK. It is easy to see why –

“The White Elephant made from a Concrete Pipe and Guy the Gorilla!”

It’s not often you see a large, white Elephant made out of a Concrete pipe as you’re driving along the road but if you’re approaching the Meadows Roundabout in Camberley

Why is branding important to a business

Branding is a process that many businesses get frustrated with which is why using the services of a Brand Strategy Agency can be helpful. Of course if you are wondering,

Why Do People Scatter Their Loved One’s Ashes?

If you’re considering why people have their ashes scattered, then someone has perhaps told you their final wishes on the matter. When one dies, the deceased may be either cremated

Which Colour Should I Choose for my Garage Door?

There are so many colour combinations to choose from when choosing a door for your garage. It is nice to have a range of colours but sometimes you just want

How rubber is used in schools and offices

Rubber is used in a variety of different industries and is a versatile material that can be shaped using Rubber Moulding UK companies, meaning it can be made into almost

Facts you may not have heard about Gloucester

Gloucester is a popular place for people looking for houses for sale. Gloucester Estate Agents often have requested for houses from people out of the area. People who have lived

Taking a bath in Roman times

In our age of modern plumbing we take it for granted that if we want to have a bath we just turn on the tap, pour in some bubble bath