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Important things for a small business to invest in

Setting up your own small business can be a complex affair. It is a sad fact that more than half of the new start-ups stop trading in the initial 5

Five skills finance professionals need right now

Finance professionals are the people who use the principles of marketing and economics in management and taxes. The professionals need the recommended skills for the best performance. Here we are

Why Being Married Can Help You Live Longer

Marriage is not just about love, confetti and place cards.  Wedded bliss has many health benefits. Perhaps it is the comfort of knowing there is someone at home to take

Don’t make these lighting mistakes when upgrading to LED

When homeowners take the plunge and decide to upgrade their lighting, there are some common mistakes that they make. Here are a few: Buying lights that are too dim or

What sort of things do we cover in nickel?

Nickel is a great metal to cover other metals in. If it were at all possible it would be a great idea to make all metal things out of Nickel

How does a TV aerial work?

From the 1950’s onwards the rooftops of Britain had something else added to them apart from their chimneys. With the televised coronation of Queen Elizabeth II the interest in owning

What to think of when running your own store

If running your own store is a dream of yours you may be looking at the ways in which you can manage this. There are a number of important factors

Interesting facts about glass

Glass is a material that we have been using in a variety of ways for hundreds of years. Whether it is to provide the panes of glass that a Double