Why the mosquito is a thoroughly unpleasant creature

June 23, 2020 4:36 pm


To be fair to the mosquito it is only doing what comes naturally to it. This rather unpleasant creature has a needle shaped mouth piece that punctures the skin of whatever takes it’s fancy. It then starts to suck the blood from it’s victim. It is keen on horses, cows and humans. Anything that has blood basically. The sad fact is the mosquito female can carry the dangerous illness of malaria and if it bites it can pass this on over and over again. As a result the mosquito is responsible for more human deaths worldwide. This is way more than animals thought to be dangerous like Crocodiles, Lions and Sharks.

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Malaria causes fever and tiredness. It also makes you sick and gives you a nasty headache. It takes a good two weeks to know that you’ve got it. Even when you’re over it there is always a chance that you might get it again as it rarely goes away completely if not treated properly.

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A test is available to see if you have it just like those Home StI Kits London authorities make for people to test. As with Stds, it is best to know well before symptoms become worse. One of the best ways to stop the little mosquito is to make sure you sleep under a net at night.