What the use of Chemistry allows us to do

June 25, 2020 3:11 pm


When you cook, when you clean something with a spray, when you pick up your phone or a plastic cup even when you use a Metal bonding adhesive to connect something, you are making the use of Chemistry. All that chemistry, technically, is is taking a raw material or product and using a process to change it to something else. For example, if you take raw dough (a mixture of flour water and yeast) and expose it to heat it turns into bread. This heat produces a chemical reaction in the bread converting it into something you can eat. It’s not all test tubes and bubbling beakers.

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The study of Chemistry is ancient. It begins in Ancient Egypt. In fact, we derive the word Chemistry from that time, Chem is the name for ancient Egypt. It wasn’t until hundreds of centuries later that the actual process of a chemical reaction  was fully explained by Antoine Lavoisier. The other extremely important discovery regarding chemistry was conducted by John Dalton. He was able to show that every substance is made from atoms.

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One of the most important pieces of work to do with Chemistry is started by a Russian teacher Dimitri Mendeleyev. This is the periodic table. It classifies the discovered elements and their properties. It forms the cornerstone of all chemistry.