The Bedfordshire Start that Paula needed

June 18, 2020 3:10 pm


One of the most successful long and middle distance runners that this country has ever produced is Paula Radcliffe. Although she was born in Cheshire this world champion and Olympic competitor needed a club to cut her teeth and learn her trade. She chose the prestigious Bedford and County Athletic club. She moved with her family to Bedfordshire when she was twelve and what a good move it was. Any move to Bedfordshire is a good idea. Just ask people who are looking at Bedfordshire Park Homes. If you want to see what we mean just go to

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Paula was inspired by her Dad who was an accomplished marathoner. She had to overcome physical setbacks to be able to run long distances. Firstly she suffers from asthma, a condition that affects the lungs and makes breathing difficult. Secondly she has anemia which is a lack of iron in the blood. Both factors would make distance running difficult.

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This did not stop her. She went on to local and county success before becoming a trailsit for the Great Britain Olympic team. She was able to win the World Championship in 2005 and get silver in the 10k in 1999. She represented Britain at the Marathon several times but was unsuccessful.