What to do on a day out in Athy

June 30, 2022 7:12 am


Named after the Celtic chieftain Ae, who is said to have been killed defending the town’s ford, you can see that you have a place of great beauty and historical significance. If you go to Ireland, it’s a great idea to leave Dublin and take some time to journey through its green and pleasant countryside. You’ll certainly need your phone to record it all, so it’s a good job that when you get to Athy, all you have to do is search Vodafone Athy, using https://kingcommunications.ie/vodafone-stores-near-me/athy/ so that yours is in tip-top condition.

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Have you ever said the phrase “Gordon Bennett!” when expressing shock at something? The phrase comes from the famous motor race organiser of the same name. He held the first motor race in the British isles, and Athy was where it was routed. It is the first properly recorded road race, and it was held in 1903.

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There are several castles in Athy to visit. The remains of three castles are there, and all are very preserved and date back to medieval times. There are also the remains of a moat for a fourth castle, which the locals were forced to pay for. The rest of the fort was never finished. It has now become attributed to the mischief of “the little people”.

There is way more to see, but the Athy Heritage Centre is a good starting point. It also has a large display of the life of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton who was born in the town.