Free, Fun, and Fabulous, The sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean.

June 28, 2022 7:10 am


Looking for something fun, fabulous, and free to do with the children on a quiet Sunday afternoon?  Look no further than The Sculpture Trail {run by the charity, the Sculpture Trust} around the beautiful Forest of Dean. Since opening its first exhibits back in 1986 the Sculpture Trail has been drawing in thousands of day visitors and tourists every year to the area. Inspiring awe and wonder in even the youngest child or the oldest adult, the unique collection of artistic objects that makes up the trail changes and grows on a regular basis.

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One of the newest pieces is entitled, “SOIL UNSOILED” a thought-provoking poem by Khady Gueye and Zakiya McKenzie. The finished poem was carefully etched onto a charred pine, large, monolithic sculpture. A controversial piece portraying the racial inequalities in our society. The first few lines of the poem read; “I am compelled to wake this ground, to rake the dust and drum a sound, to speak of the living, that cannot be refused, to pay respect, earn my due”.

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All the unique, artistic displays have a link to the trees in the Forest and the fruitful earth.  The hopes and prayers for this peaceful place of nature is that the land will never need the services of a professional company like and their Contaminated Land remediation services. Celebrating the thirty-five years they have been celebrating art in the Forest of Dean, the Sculpture trail has eight new displays and installations to commemorate this milestone.