Who were the first to make bricks?

May 2, 2020 3:01 pm


Ahh, the humble brick, what would we do without it? Still live in wood and straw houses probably or maybe more prefabricated concrete like that had in the nineteen fifties. How do we make these little solid oblong cuboids that we use for building material, sticking them together with mortar? Let us see.

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Originally a brick was a solid shaped mass of hardened clay. Now it is a mixture of clay soil, lime, sand and some concrete. Earlier models of bricks date back to the Middle East and in China in four thousand BC. For example, the Great wall is bricks held together with cement made from sticky rice. We European’s didn’t get the idea until much later with the Greeks and Roman’s.

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We arrange our bricks in a certain style  so as to give the structure strength and for the most part we are happy to see the naked brickwork. However Brick Cladding is available. What is Brick cladding? This is where a cover is placed over the brickwork to give it a more aesthetically pleasing frontage or something that is more in keeping with the building’s architecture. Many businesses and public office building’s choose this option.