Do not buy it till the survey is done.

June 25, 2020 6:24 pm


Any kind of purchase carries a risk. However whilst there is a risk that a pen you have bought might break or a book might not have it’s pages improperly stuck together these are very low grade compared to finding out that a house is worthless and should be condemned. This is why there is a pressing need for you to have a full survey done if you are looking to buy a property that has a considerable age. The main thing is that you will possibly need a full structural survey done. Do not be afraid, a Full structural survey cost can be found here and it is not as expensive as you think.

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It’s difficult to not be charmed by an older property. They have a certain something that the modern does not. This is called “character” but sadly you could end up paying huge amounts for the character to be maintained.

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A good case in point is the experience of the National Trust when it acquired Igtham Mote. The property is a wonderful moated manor house from the medieval period. It is currently a grade one listed property and parts of it are also scheduled ancient monuments. It soon became clear that the charity’s funds would be severely tested if they were going to be able to save it. If they had resource problems how would you fair?