Different Types of Security Seals and Their Advantages

November 2, 2020 3:49 pm


The transportation of goods is facing different types of threats in the current era. Some goods are important and therefore, ask for high security. The risk of theft, terrorism, and tampering are the main threats to these goods. Security seals provide security and protection against the above mentioned and other threats.

Types of security seals and their advantages:

Types and advantages of security seals are discussed in details below here:

Cable seals:

Cable seals are much durable and typically used for such objects I which a cable can be inserted through a hole such as valves and locked doors. These security cables come with different diameters usually ranging from 1.5mm to 5mm. These cables come with special security that fulfills ISO 17712 ratings. For more details on the right Security Seal, visit Acme Seals

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Bolt seals:

These seals have a complex yet self-locking system. No extra tools are required for its set up. These seals include a special temper evident part which is manually added. You can customize the seals by specifying different colors. One will need a special bolt cutter for removing this security seal.

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Fixed-length seals:

These security seals are included in the strongest seals because it can bear the force up to 80-135 lbs. These are extraordinary seals with the benefit of low cost.

Wire seals:

These are also considered to be very powerful seals and contain metal wires for sealing purposes. These require small holes for getting fit in the place. These are almost similar to pull-tight seals but stronger than those being made up of metal wires.