New ways to wear your jeans

November 2, 2020 3:51 pm


Bored of the same old looks? There are some exciting ways you can mix up your style using jeans. Here are some looks you could try to bring life back to your jeans collection:

Rugged Look

What you want to pull off with this look is a kind of rugged, rough and ready style. If you’ve got a pair of jeans that look a little well-worn, distressed or even ripped, these will be perfect. For those wanting to give off a ‘working man’ aura, you can’t be seen in super clean jeans! Consider a red plaid button up shirt for a real old school look. This outfit is perfect when combined with tan boots or cowboy boots. Why not go the whole hog and complete the look with a cowboy hat? For a range of Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, visit EJ Menswear.

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If you have slim fit or skinny jeans, you’ll want to be showing off all your manly muscles for this one. Pair with a raglan sleeve shirt or crew neck sweater, something that fits nice and tight. Chunky boots will go perfectly with this look or opt for a more laid-back skate shoe. Accessorise with some leather bracelets and you’ll develop an easy casual style that says you care about how you look.

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Celebrity Style

This will require some serious dressing up of those jeans. Ripped, dyed, embroidered or worn with patches for example. You’ll want to ooze individuality and rebellion, stepping away from the more polished look. Combine with a leather jacket or anything in a darker colour to seal the deal.