Why Being Married Can Help You Live Longer

July 27, 2020 3:57 pm

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Marriage is not just about love, confetti and place cards.  Wedded bliss has many health benefits. Perhaps it is the comfort of knowing there is someone at home to take care of you providing physical and mental benefits. Start your married life at one of the best Wedding Venues Newbury. Visit a site like Newbury Races for more info, one of the leading Wedding Venues Newbury. Here are some of the health benefits that are now allegedly linked to tying the knot and staying married:

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Better protection from heart disease – It is an advantage that most benefits married men. Matrimony is known to significantly lessen the chances of fatal heart disease in men. Having a partner may mean there is someone to nag him about seeing his GP or to take his medicine, but men who are married with a diagnosis of heart disease were almost half as likely to die from the condition as those who remained single. Clearly other factors play a greater role as age, lifestyle, cholesterol, weight and blood pressure but next seems to be marital status!

Stroke – Single people or those in an unhappy marriage have an increased chance of a fatal stroke. A study conducted in 2010 revealed that failed marriages have a greater impact on the numbers of strokes than people would have expected.

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Aging – Increased happiness comes from staying married as you get older states the conclusion of a 2012 study revealed. Marriage itself might not necessarily mean people are happier, but it does help couples retain a certain level of happiness as they grow older. This is perhaps thanks to the friendship that develops and grows as you grow older together.