Don’t make these lighting mistakes when upgrading to LED

July 21, 2020 5:34 pm


When homeowners take the plunge and decide to upgrade their lighting, there are some common mistakes that they make. Here are a few:

  1. Buying lights that are too dim or too bright

If you’re replacing fluorescent for LED fixtures, it’s not enough to just match the output. LED lighting is much more directional, so it will feel like you’re getting a lot more light. Sometimes light output is overstated, and you could end up with a light distribution you weren’t expecting and a room that’s too dim. Always choose a well-known brand and check a sample. Don’t forget to pair up your lighting with the perfect Ceiling Rose from a site like Creative Cables, Ceiling Rose suppliers.

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  1. Purchase lights that look too cold

The coolness or warmth of a light is measured in Kelvin. LEDs have a much higher Kelvin than incandescent or halogen bulbs – up to 5000K which can result in a rather cold appearance. To be sure, always check the specifications and ask for a sample.

  1. Choose lights which won’t last

Often packaging will state that an LED life expectancy is around 50,000 hours. This is usually on the optimistic side. Sometimes, there are early failures and sometimes the bulb will reach its L70 point far ahead of 50,000 hours. L70 is the life of a bulb until it reaches 70% of its initial output. Always use a reputable supplier and don’t be afraid to ask about what testing has been done to base the L70 on.

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  1. Buy lights incompatible with the dimmer switch

If the dimmer has been designed for halogen or incandescent bulbs, an LED light might not always dim smoothly and can suffer from flicker.