Common Ways We Waste Water

April 18, 2022 7:14 am


We are all guilty of wasting water on our daily activities, such as brushing our teeth or shaving. By leaving the water running in the sink while you brush your teeth or shave, you waste approximately four gallons of water. To save water, fill your sink with a quarter cup of water, and reuse the remaining water to rinse your razor. Another common water-waster is doing a small load of laundry or running a half empty dishwasher, for example.

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There are other common ways we waste water. Every year, we waste 900 billion gallons of water from household leaks, enough to supply water to 11 million households. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about running out of water, since these everyday practices are easy to change. By simply being mindful of your water usage, you can save water and save money on your bill. These habits can be changed, no matter what your lifestyle is. Deal with leaks quickly by arranging CCTV Drainage Surveys from a company like

You can avoid wasting water in your kitchen by using efficient appliances. Inefficient appliances are also a source of water waste.

A healthy plumbing system means less water wastage and a lower water bill. By using a plumbing diagnostic, you can check your pipes every day to find small leaks. A simple way to reduce the water waste is to use grey water to water plants. Grey water is leftover water from your washing machine, shower, or sink. By using this water, you’ll be saving hundreds of gallons of water.

A leaky toilet is one of the worst ways we waste water. Leaky toilets can easily add up to a thousand gallons per year to your water bill. If you notice a leaking toilet, call a plumber to repair it. A simple leak could be as small as a worn-out o-ring. Having your pipes inspected annually will help prevent larger problems. By avoiding water wastage in your plumbing system, you’ll reduce your water bill significantly.

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Using natural resources wisely is another key way to conserve water. Many people don’t even realise that their daily water consumption is disproportionate to their needs. This is where a water monitoring device can help. Many of us waste water by running the shower too long, over flushing the toilet or using a hose too much.