How software can help you keep an audit trail

April 18, 2022 12:26 pm


Audit trails are often necessary when working with clients in a legal, medical or financial capacity. It is essential to be able to identify when documents have been sent, read, signed and processed in order to be able to rectify any issues that may arise and as proof that your clients have been sent all relevant paperwork in accordance with any industry timelines that you might have to adhere to.

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There are lots of different ways that you can achieve this, and software such as those that allow you to Know your Customer and the requirements that you have for them is a good place to start.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management systems allow you to enter client details such as their name, address and other contact details. You are also able to set the workflows that allow you to enter information such as their signed contracts and information regarding any meetings that you have with them. One downside of standard CRM systems is that you will need to manually enter some information and it could be open to abuse in the form of changing dates of when items were set etc.

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Bespoke software – software such as that offered by w2globaldata is designed to offer an audit trail which means that the information is electronically tagged with a date. This can not be changed by either party, and it provides a foolproof way of capturing this information. The systems can also be used to verify identity should you need this for your specific industry.