Three Ways that Winter is Harmful to Elderly People

November 29, 2021 9:59 am


Winter is a difficult time of the year for many people – the cold and lack of daylight can affect a lot of us and makes some people prone to feeling fatigued, run down and depressed. For elderly people, winter is a particularly dangerous time of year – it can cause lots of problems to the health of many elderly people each year, and there are many reasons why winter is a particularly dangerous time.

Here are just three dangers that an older person may face over the winter months…

Slips Trips and Falls – The autumn and winter have many hazards which make a fall more likely. Now of course, anyone can fall over or slip, but not only to elderly people have more risk at that if they are less mobile or steady on their feet but also the consequences of a fall for an elderly person can be a lot worse.

The hazards that the autumn and winter bring include fallen leaves, which can become slimy, wet and slippery underfoot, as well as rain which can make surfaces slippery. In the winter cold temperature also mean that snow and ice can pose a hazard on pavements where it becomes easy to trip or skid, and of course mist and fog reduce visibility especially for older people who may be more likely to be visually impaired and may then not be able to see where kerb edges are.

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The Cold – Being cold is of course unpleasant, but low temperatures are more risky to older people. As people get older, the blood is not pumped around the body as efficiently so older people are likely to feel the cold more. Keeping the home warm is essential at this time of year, especially for older people who do not have the ability to move about as much – as well as illnesses like coughs and colds, hypothermia is something that can be easily caused by a home that is too cold.

Making sure that heating is working well, as well as using things to keep out the cold, such as special window coverings that will insulate the room – you can have these fitted and made at places like this Tewkesbury blinds company Laskeys curtains and blinds. Draught excluders for doors and plenty of hot foods and drinks also help to stave off the cold.

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Loneliness – Winter is a time of the year where many older people can feel lonelier and more isolated than ever – if they have no family, or family that live a long way away this can be a tough time of the year for them and can lead to illness and depression. Making sure that you stay in touch with elderly loved ones is particularly important, and if you have a neighbour who is elderly check on them regularly to make sure that they are well.