Three Complementary Therapies that Could Help you With Mental Illness

August 24, 2021 5:49 pm


Many people over the last eighteen months have struggled enormously with their mental health for many reasons – feeling lonely and isolated, fears about health or employment and money worries are just a few reasons why so many people have been having difficulties over the course of the pandemic.

There are many medical treatments for mental illnesses, but there are also a lot of complementary therapies that people find helpful when they are suffering from a mental health condition. There are many types of complementary therapy, and they are certainly worth trying out. Here are a few popular ones that can help…

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Yoga – This is an ancient practice which is well known for helping with illnesses such as anxiety as it helps to calm and focus the mind as well as to help you practice controlled breathing which can help with panic and anxiety attacks.

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Massage – This is a relaxing and enjoyable past time for many people who often report that they sleep better and feel less stressed after. It is even possible to enjoy a massage that comes to you now as places like this mobile massage London based company offer that service.

Acupuncture – This is an ancient Chinese therapy going back thousands of years and many people have reported successful results when being treated for things like anxiety and depression. Regular treatments are usually needed to get results but it is certainly something worth trying.