How to Prevent Tree Roots From Blocking Drains?

August 31, 2021 11:03 am


One question often asked by homeowners is how to prevent tree roots from growing and blocking drains. While there are many methods you can employ to keep the roots of your trees from spreading, it is not always possible or practical to eradicate all of the tree roots in a given area. The root system of a tree is much deeper and more tangled than its leaves. Roots can penetrate the bark of the tree and extend throughout the structure. For a Drain Lining Company to help with pipes damaged by roots, consider Wilkinson Environmental

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Roots need access to water and nutrients to grow. They will search for these things and will try to take as many of them up as they can. They are also spread out very thinly throughout the entire tree and will typically only seek out the areas where there is contact with the ground such as the trunk, where they attach themselves and start to grow. So while eliminating the visible tree roots is one way to prevent the growth of new ones, that is not always the best approach. It is much better to prevent the roots from getting a start in the first place so you don’t have any surprises later.

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If you have existing trees, roots can be a major problem and you do not want to wait until you have had an especially bad storm before you plan to try and prevent the roots from growing back. In areas with clay soil, tree roots will seek out moist, warm areas. Soil that has already been damaged by storms or other types of damage may already have a layer of water on it and the roots will seek it out and attach themselves.