Making sure your Retirement goes with a swing

May 5, 2020 6:21 pm


When that happy, or not happy day  depending on your point of view, finally comes along and you hang up your working boots for good, what are you going to do? One thing that you need not worry about is where you can live as with Park Homes For Sale you can join a community of like minded people and of the same age group. Financially we shall assume that you’ve got that bit covered so this is more about what you can do to fill in those 7 and half hours in the day that you’ve suddenly got to fill.

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  1. Volunteer –  Healthwise it is not a good idea when you retire to just simply stop working. Volunteering for say, the National Trust could give you a new lease of life. You might even want to research the property or garden that you volunteer at.
  2. Gardening – This is a great way to keep active. Look at some of the great gardens and see if you can recreate them on your own.

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  1. Study – Why not go back to College or university? It’s no longer the domain of the youth. Perhaps you could look at doing a masters to your degree if you have one or maybe just learning about a topic you have been interested in for years.

These are just a few of the things that you might want to look at when you retire.