Choosing the right appliances for your catering business

May 11, 2020 4:49 pm


When running a professional kitchen, it’s important to have reliable equipment that can live up to the demands of the job. From ovens to knives to pans, the tools in your kitchen are the key to your livelihood, so it is important to consider your options carefully before purchasing a new piece of equipment. When looking at ways to store your items it is important to look at those that need to be refrigerated and those that can be placed in Storage Bins  and put on shelves in a larder area.

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The fridge is arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment in your professional kitchen, and choosing a new one can feel like a difficult decision to make. Luckily, there are lots of different commercial fridges to choose from. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you.

Identify what kind of fridge you need

There are many different types of commercial fridges, from glass door or countertop units to bottle coolers and cold rooms. Understand what it is that you need your new fridge to do before looking at individual units.

How much space do you need?

Consider whether you’re looking for a fridge to fit within an allocated space or whether you have a certain amount of produce to fit inside of your fridge. Bear in mind that the external size of a fridge will not necessarily be representative of its internal capacity! Larger fridges are not necessarily better; they can be very expensive to run, so be sure to choose one that suits your needs.

Check out your preferred model

Once you have selected some preferred models, try to visit a store to see them up close. This is the best way to imagine how the product will work in your kitchen. If visiting a brand retailer, this is also a good chance to find out about warranties and guarantees the brand offers.