Back to Work – Safety for Staff and Customers

June 4, 2020 10:51 am


People are now looking forward to getting back to normality, or at least some semblance of it. Dentists will be able to re-open from 8th June, non-essential shops can open from 15th June, and to many peoples delight hairdressers are hoping to be back on 4th July, as well as bars and restaurants. So as the country gets back to work, employers will want to be assuring both their staff and their customers that the environment they are in is safe.

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Getting staff back to work is exciting, but also many employees may be feeling worried or nervous. When they first come back in, go through all the things that you have done to ensure safety, as well as listening to any questions or concerns they may raise and addressing them. Getting staff feeling happy and motivated is important, and someone such as motivational speaker UK based Jamie McDonald could be a good idea to get staff back raring to go again.

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When it comes to customer safety of course it hugely depends on what sort of a business you run. But clear markers indicating routes in and out of the building and limiting the amount of people allowed in in one go are good ways to ensure safety. Perspex screens are being used a lot as well and these are really handy if you need to be quite close to someone – for example to serve them at a till, but also acts as a barrier preventing spread of disease between people.