What Is Screen Printing?

September 6, 2021 4:36 pm


Screen printing is the name to describe a printing technique in which mesh is used to transfer ink onto a surface using a blocking stencil. Various tools and Screen Printing Equipment are used during this process such as a blade or squeegee. This is moved across a screen in order to fill open mesh apertures with ink. A reverse stroke causes the screen to touch the surface. The ink must wet the surface and then be taken out from the mesh apertures whilst the screen springs once the blade has passed. Only one colour is printed at one time, making it possible to use several screens in order to produce a multi-coloured design or image.

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There are different ways to describe practically the same technique. Originally, the technique was called screen printing or silkscreen printing because they used silk, but some also call this serigraphy and serigraph printing. In recent years, mostly synthetic threads have been used in the screen-printing process with the most commonly used mesh being made of polyester. There are other mesh materials such as nylon and stainless steel, which are used for the production of specific designs. Additionally, there are various sizes of mesh which can impact and change the final design on the chosen material.

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Screen printing is a fascinating and enjoyable form of creating designs on different materials and products whether they are bags or T-shirts, or other items. It can be an interesting industry to get into with opportunities for growth as well as giving you the chance to get into the design industry if you are looking for a manual and creative career.