Chinos v jeans: The differences and style advantages

September 6, 2021 2:27 pm


Chinos and jeans are now both staples of the modern man’s wardrobe. However, there are differences between the two and understanding these means always wearing the right outfit to suit the occasion.

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Classic appearance

Chinos can be tricky to define, but essentially they’re lightweight trousers without excessive embellishment which are somewhere between informal and formal. This means they are versatile and can dressed up or down. The fabric can also make a difference, as more formal chinos tend to be made of cotton twill, and may feature cuffs or even pleats. For more tips on how to style different types of chinos, see this feature in The Guardian.

Contemporary casual

Jeans hardly require an introduction as just about everyone is familiar with denim, a heavier form of cotton, which is often blue, but can be available in pale shades and black. Jeans are definitely less formal, and they are available in a wide array of different cuts and finishes.

Some people are bonded to jeans and this will never change. However, some men are enthusiastic about the versatility of chinos, the colour ranges available and the comfort that lightweight chinos can deliver.

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But for many men, when it comes to informal wear, jeans are numero uno and even if the look is casual, they still want quality such as seen in mens ETO denim jeans. Jeans occupy a unique place in the fashion psyche, and while men might not wear jeans to a job interview, in their own time they don’t want to wear anything else. If you want to find out more about the range of mens ETO denim jeans available, then it would be worth checking a trusted source such as where you can find ideas and inspiration.

The jeans v chinos decision is largely a personal one, with some influence coming from the occasion and what is expected in the form of dress codes. Chinos may be a safer choice in a more formal or professional situation, but jeans will always have enduring appeal, and can be combined with an almost limitless variety of footwear, accessories and jackets to create a wide range of compelling looks.