Why Do People Scatter Their Loved One’s Ashes?

May 28, 2020 1:51 pm


If you’re considering why people have their ashes scattered, then someone has perhaps told you their final wishes on the matter. When one dies, the deceased may be either cremated or buried. In both cases, there are specific procedures that must be followed in order to ensure that the deceased’s remains are not disturbed.

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The casket that will contain the body is constructed first; after that, the coffin is placed in the final resting place of the deceased. In a modern cremation service, ashes are poured into a vault with airtight seals and placed into an urn for safekeeping.  In older ceremonies, ashes were often given in a stone slab or vase.

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Depending on the culture and traditions of the community, several people are often invited to witness the scattering of the ashes. Usually, people who are close to the deceased scatter the ashes in a location that had significant meaning to the deceased.

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The idea behind scattering ashes is a sense of setting that person free, or at least their spirit. As the ashes are the remnants of a person’s physical being, it is also like the scattering acts as a final resting place for those who do not wish to be buried.