What do we have to thank the Egyptians for

June 15, 2020 5:11 pm


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The Ancient Egyptians we and incredible people who have a special place in the history of the world. We think of gorgeous robes and pyramids and temples dedicated to their gods, goddesses and rulers. But there are many modern day items that actually have routes in Ancient Egypt.

Drains – next time you have to call a Blocked Drains Essex company to come and fix an issue with your drains, think about the Egyptians. They created one of the earliest forms of drainage. It was not as sophisticated as ours today but as water was so important to the Egyptians, especially as a part of their spiritual rituals they wanted to ensure that fresh clean water was available and the old dirty water could be removed.

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Calendars – it was the Egyptians that created the first 365 day calendar. This was created to enable them to identify the best growing seasons and when to harvest their crops. If large amounts of rain fell and led to the River Nile flooding thent her crops would be destroyed so they used a calendar system to keep track of the weather and the water levels of the river to be able to note when the worst floods might happen.