For the love of hoodies

May 10, 2021 2:22 pm


There can’t be many households across the globe that don’t contain at least one hoodie. This garment has become a ubiquitous piece of clothing, seen everywhere, suiting everyone and available in a myriad of colours and designs. Why do we love hoodies so much?

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Simply put, they are easy to wear and offer great comfort. It is easy to slip on a hoodie when the temperature drops and as they can be worn with just about any other garment, it makes them an obvious choice for a wide variety of people and uses.


Born out of leisurewear, the hoodie soon became an essential part of the streetwear look but this doesn’t mean you have to be a young cool dude to wear one. Part of their global appeal is that they double up as athleisure and so can be worn by all – young and old. For hoodies and a wide range of Ralph Lauren Menswear, visit a site like EJ Menswear


A hoodie also offers a brilliant canvas to express individual style and interests. They can be personalised with slogans, logos and images to suit the wearer and also come in every colour under the sun. Soft, warm and often with a fleece lining, a hoodie is also an item of clothing that feels like a hug!

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The hoodie has been adopted by a multitude of fashion cultures, such is it’s appeal. Whether you’re into streetwear, activewear or a mum on the school run – hoodies have got you covered.