Why you Should Consider Demolishing to Rebuild

September 15, 2020 1:23 pm


If you are in desperate need of a plot of land to build your own home on, the chances are you have been looking a while. As land in the UK is in such high demand, finding a plot can be a very difficult thing to do, and in fact can be the hardest part of a self-build project – something that many people don’t realise until they embark on the hunt for a plot!

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But one thing that you could do, is consider demolishing to rebuild. Yes, it does sound a strange as well as expensive thing to do, but in actual fact you could save a fortune by doing it this way. If the land already has a building on it, you could snap it up at a much lower price, especially if the building is dilapidated.


Of course you will need to ensure that you check that you can get planning permission for this before you go ahead, as well as making sure that the demolition work is completed by a professional company such as this company offering demolition Bristol services.

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As well as having a plot of land, once the building has been demolished it may also have features that you can keep and re-use for your building project – maybe it has a fireplace that you like or some tiles that are unusual and in good condition still – this is a great way to save a bit of money on the build as well.