Make sure that your Self-Build Project Goes Smoothly

September 15, 2020 4:35 am


Building your dream home is for many the ultimate goal. Many people spend years planning, preparing and saving up for the time when they will be able to build their dream home. But it is certainly no walk in the park and seeing your own home building project through from start to finish often means that you will encounter unforeseen events, additions to your budget and generally a large amount of stress at points! Having said that, many people say that despite knowing these things, they are happy that they did it.

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Buying a plot of land is often the first place that people can run into problems. In the UK land is in very high demand, so finding a plot is not as easy as people often think. Use the internet, the local council and planning maps to help you to find the plot of land that is right for you – and remember that you may have to compromise a little.


Making sure that you hire the right people also hugely affects the success of your project. Many building projects can be scuppered or run wildly over budget by contractors that communicate poorly, fail to get things done on time or do not quote correctly for the job. A good way to find good contractors is by speaking to people who have completed building projects and getting recommendations.

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Planning is one of the most important things when building your own home – plan for every eventuality and leave nothing to chance – as the old saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.