How to Identify Your Target Audience

February 23, 2021 5:08 am


Identifying your target audience can be done in a number of different ways. You can use the old school method of profiling based on age, sex, geographical location, and so on. But this is no guarantee that you are accurately doing your demographic profiling. You may not get all of the data you need, and you may fail to take into consideration the nuances of your business or industry. There are new methods out there for providers to do a more accurate job at identifying your target audience.

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Social media has changed the face of online marketing. It is an extremely effective method to market online, and it is also an extremely effective way to identify people to market to. Social sites allow you to look at how many people are interested in your business and what their interests are. This allows you to find people who have an interest in the products and services that you offer, and then you can contact these people and attempt to sell to them. For example a Contract Cleaning Cheltenham company such as can specifically target businesses in their geographic area.

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Instead of looking for people based on things like age, gender, geographical location, etc., marketers look for things like “active”, “likes”, “followers”, and so on. By knowing who your target audience is, you can plan and execute your marketing campaigns accordingly and ensure that you are getting the results you want.