Facts you may not have heard about Gloucester

May 13, 2020 9:56 am


Gloucester is a popular place for people looking for houses for sale. Gloucester Estate Agents often have requested for houses from people out of the area. People who have lived in the city for long periods of time are aware of some of the history linked to Gloucster but there are some surprising facts that you might not know.

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  • Sheep are one of the main reasons people travelled to Gloucester and the surrounding area. The Cotswolds was home to ‘The Cotswold Lion’ which is a breed of sheep that was once responsible for over half of the cloth that was produced in England. After the increase in cloth production in the North of the country the need for the ‘Cotswold Lion’ cloth started to decline and the breed became endangered for a while before breeders started to increase the numbers again.

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  • The city has a grand Roman history and you can see examples of the ruins of the fort in the Eastgate underground chambers. There are other examples of the city’s link to the Roman past in a number of different locations both in Gloucester and the surrounding area.

There are many other interesting facts about Gloucester and you can find examples of them online.