“The White Elephant made from a Concrete Pipe and Guy the Gorilla!”

May 29, 2020 1:26 pm


It’s not often you see a large, white Elephant made out of a Concrete pipe as you’re driving along the road but if you’re approaching the Meadows Roundabout in Camberley that’s exactly what you would see!  Originally designed and created by a private pipe Company that rented a warehouse on the site, the upkeep of this unusual statue was written into all subsequent tenancy agreements so that every business has to legally look after the concrete animal. If you are sending important, official documents from your company, based in Camberley and the surrounding areas and you want them delivered quickly, safely and professionally then use a Same Day Courier Camberley and you will be guaranteed a swift and efficient service.

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The peoples favourite and once household name “Guy the Gorilla” has a huge lifelike sculpture of himself to help fondly remember him and his long life at London Zoo.  Originally a wild, lowland Gorilla he was captured at the tender age of only one year old from the Cameroon Jungle and taken to London.  He arrived at the Zoo on Bonfire night in 1947 and was named after the infamous Guy Fawkes and with his playful, cheeky nature soon became a firm favourite with the Zoo’s thousands of visitors

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There are many more unusual and memorable sculptures, statues and models scattered around the English Countryside and they are often a great talking point for many a family holiday.  Keep your eyes open, see them for yourselves and enjoy finding as many as you can.