How does a mobile phone work?

February 8, 2021 11:15 am


Mobile phones have become a common and indispensable tool for everyday life, with worldwide smartphone subscriptions estimated at about 7 billion in 2014 (and rising). With a mobile phone, you can communicate from almost anywhere to anyone on the planet. But do you really know how it works on your mobile phone? A mobile phone is basically a two-way radio in the most simple form.

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The mobile phone tower network then relays the radio wave to the mobile phone of your intended call subject which transforms it to an electric signal and then back to sound again. A mobile phone works much like a walkie-talkie in its simplest form. There is a very good reason for this, it is based on the same premise and was developed with a mind to produce a commercial use for the same system. This does mean that every high place, at least those that are built end of with a transmitter on the top. It does help boost the signal to allĀ  parts of the UK though.

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Many modern mobile phones come with additional features, such as web browsing, taking images, playing sports, sending text messages, and taking photos in addition to the basic function of voice calls. It seems quite remarkable that it has only taken some twenty years or so of development to reach the incredible stage we are at with them now. Find a vodafone store near me to see how incredible they are.