Getting the most out of your website

August 5, 2020 4:05 pm


Websites are incredibly important for businesses today, especially as more and more people research services and buy products online and with the current pandemic situation, this is only set to increase. Having a professional Yorkshire Web Design company design a website for you will ensure that it is fit for purpose, aesthetically pleasing and takes into account the latest research into how people use the internet and look at websites. Here are some examples for you.

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Top left – people statistically start looking at your website from the top left corner and scan down in a letter ‘F’ style pattern. It is for this reason that you will want to think about having some of your most important information in these areas on your site as well as using this space to promote special offers or events that you have coming up.

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Bottom of website – most people don’t like to scroll too far down on a website so these areas tend to only get scanned by the eye. You ensure that any content in these spaces is rephrased elsewhere on the site and that you use this area to reaffirm messages and to reshare your contact details.

Short paragraphs – punchy, short paragraphs work better than longer ones and people like to read short snippets. You short also ensure that any content on your site is optimised for SEO purposes.