Some Facts about Rats

August 24, 2020 2:43 pm


No one likes Rats right? Wrong! These furry little critters are considered to be sacred in India in some parts and are reckoned to make excellent pets. However you don’t want too many of them otherwise you might need the assistance of a Pest Control Chelmsford based company like who will help them relocate to somewhere more suitable. Here are a few interesting facts that you might not know about these divisive rodents.

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  1. Luckily, our rats are quite small compared to other countries. For example, the Bosavi Wooly Rat from Papua New Guinea can grow up to eighty one centimetres in length. Compare that to ours that only reach fifty, which still seems very big.
  2. Rats have lots and lots of babies. Rats are able to have babies by the time they are five weeks old. They really don’t hang about and soon find a mate. They are fertile every 3 weeks and when they are they are liable to mate about 500 times. They can have anywhere between 6 and 20 babies.

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  1. Rats did not spread the Black Death. They have always got the blame for it but the real fault lies in the fleas they carried. In fact new evidence suggests that the worst culprits were filthy humans who were generally infested with fleas and nits due to their poor hygiene.
  2. No need for a Dentist. Rats teeth never stop growing. It’s why they are able to gnaw through so many things like food, rope and even concrete.