Why Choose An Oak Framed Garage?

July 1, 2021 4:01 pm


If you are considering purchasing an oak framed garage, like the ones from Timberpride then this article will explain the advantages of buying one from a professional supplier. Most home and garden centres will stock a range of ready made garages but unless you are a skilled carpenter or have some experience in woodworking, these may not be the best option for you. You may well find that you would have made the perfect choice yourself if you had access to a good resource to help with the planning and design.

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With handcrafted oak-framed garages you get what you need; you select the exact size, style of roof, the number of roof trusses, the style of the door and the style of window all rolled into one carport. As can be expected, bespoke wooden carports can usually only give you a reasonably quick quote once the structure is complete and you are pleased with the result. This is because many of the wood materials that are used to manufacture these garages require considerable preparation before they are suitable for use as a carport. As can be expected, this makes the turnaround time for your finished carport considerably longer than that of a manufactured wooden carport.

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When buying an oak framed garage from a supplier online, bear in mind that the delivery timescales involved are not always realistic. For example, you may be waiting six months or more for your carport to be built after ordering it online but it may take as little as three months on the other hand. This is because there may be a requirement for building regulations to be obtained prior to the delivery of the product. Before making a purchase it is essential to ensure that you have these documents drafted and submitted to your local council for approval. Not having these forms will mean that your purchase is illegal and void once the local authority finds out that the structure was not built according to the required planning permission. To find a supplier that will provide you with specialist carport plans that are valid for both home and commercial applications it is essential to carry out extensive research.