The British Timber Industry

November 28, 2020 2:56 am


Over the years, Britain has been a trade place for several various goods and products, whether it was sugar and tea or timber, the country has greatly grown in terms of the products manufactured in the country and those imported from abroad. The British timber trade is still strong and we produce a variety of trees perfect for building and artistic purposes.

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The trade in timber was highly important for the growth of the country and for the expansion of the goods we were able to use in the building industry. It also allows us to create incredible Oak Framed Extensions like those at

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Timber was brought from the Baltic region and then from North America during the Middle Ages. There was a flourishing domestic timber trade in Britain based on the British oaks, as well as supplying a variety of timber from other nations. There are many old oak trees that can still be found today in the UK, and most of them are subject to tree protection orders so that they can be saved from demolition in order to make way for construction work. Ship building was one of the industries that used vast quantities of timber, both from domestic forests and from overseas imports of wood.


As other construction materials such as metal and bricks have been created and gained prominence, the demand for wood has changed and less wood has been produced in the UK over the years.