How to maintain your lawnmower

August 28, 2020 4:40 am


Lawns are a very important element of property for millions of homeowners worldwide. So what are the best ways to maintain your lawnmower?

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Initial inspections/tasks

Prior to attempting any maintenance, you should disconnect the spark plug. This will ensure the lawnmower won’t start accidentally.

You should then clean away any obvious debris, tighten or replace any nuts or bolts that seem loose, sand down any rusted areas, and replace or add a coating to any exposed wiring.

Immediately after use

After each mow, you should always clean under the deck. To do this, tip the mower (air filter side up) and remove the grass using a broom and/or gloved hand. If this doesn’t work as expected, consider using a wire brush with soapy water.

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General maintenance

– Clean/replace the air filter – a dirty air filter can put pressure on the engine and may negatively affect performance. Some lawnmowers have foam filters whilst some will have paper ones. Foam ones should be cleaned at least twice a year, and paper ones should be replaced annually.

– Check/change the oil – oil levels should be checked every three to six months. Most mowers have a dipstick (just like a car) which will tell you how much oil is left. If it shows as low then top it up – most mowers use SAE-30. You should also check the colour/texture because if it is black and thick it may need changing even if the level seems adequate.

– Clean/replace the spark plug – ideally, you should wipe clean the spark plug regularly after use as it can easily get caked in dirt. A spark plug should last two to three years – replacement is relatively cheap and easy to do, although you will need a special wrench.

– Sharpen the blades – this should ideally be done on an annual basis and it can be done yourself (with the right equipment and knowledge) or it can be done at most hardware stores for just a few pounds.

Finally, before locking your lawnmower away in your shed/garage for the winter, you should make sure that you empty the fuel tank. This is because the fuel can go stale.