Types of Activities That Help Those With Dementia

April 22, 2021 4:15 pm


There are numerous activities that help those with dementia. These activities focus on increasing a patient’s involvement in active life, such as spending time with family and friends, participating in recreational activities, checking emails or surfing the web, reading, writing, or socialising. This will increase the patient’s chances of developing social interaction skills that will improve his or her ability to recognise people and relationships.

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By offering assistance such as helping the patient look at a clock or a grocery list, such activities may increase the chance of improving cognitive ability. Activities that help those with dementia in need may also include helping with bathing, eating, and dressing. These tasks involve coordinated hand movements and often provide a tactile input to help patients with memory loss. Furthermore, activities help with daily living, such as getting dressed and walking. For more information on the importance of Care Jobs Gloucester, visit Take five healthcare

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A third category of activities focus on general cognitive functions. These activities include helping patients with problem solving and increasing their vocabulary. While these tasks do not improve the patients cognitive ability per se, they do strengthen the ability to think critically about the world. These activities are particularly relevant if the patient does not communicate much or has difficulty expressing ideas or emotions. In addition, activities that help with these cognitive functions also decrease the risk of falls.