Scissor Lifts – What Are They Used For?

December 16, 2020 3:09 pm


Scissor lifts are a great addition to any business or commercial establishment, but what exactly are they used for? The advantages of using this type of industrial lifting system are that it is safer, more economical, and easier than most other types of lifting equipment. Scissor lifts are able to lift more weight than most other industrial lifting equipment because of the design, and because the structure allows them to “rest” while lowering or raising an object.

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There are several different kinds of scissor lifts, each with their own set of uses. Basically, low-rise scissor lifts are used when you want to lift and place heavy objects on the floor, as opposed to being able to raise it with the help of a platform lift. The lower lift can be lowered at will, and there is no danger in colliding with a person. They are generally more expensive than high-rise scissor lifts, but are far more reliable, safe, and easy to use. For more details on plant and Grab Hire Cheltenham, visit Telstar Grab Hire

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High-rise scissor lifts are the most common and are generally the norm in places like warehouses or factories. What makes them so popular? Because high-rise scissor lifts are able to move extremely fast (which is especially useful if you need to move loads quickly), they save time. Another advantage to these scissor lifts is that they are able to lift loads over long distances without worrying about wear and tear – another factor to consider if you are trying to transport a load long distance.