How to manage visitors effectively

June 1, 2020 4:13 pm


Most companies will have visitors of one description or another and the way in which they are welcomed into your business will depend very much on the products and services that you offer and the number of visitors that you have each day.

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A Visitor Management System such as the one from can provide you with some great support in welcoming visitors and here are a few of the ways for you to have a look at.

Sign in – signing visitors in can be a full time job in itself, especially on a busy day and reception staff often have the telephone to answer and admin work to also complete. A visitor system can take over this role for you and allow your visitors to digitally sign themselves in, which then frees up your receptionist for their other tasks.

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Security – by having your visitors sign in and out using the digital system you have a permanent record of who was in your building and when should you need to check back through for security purposes.

Fire risk – visitors present a risk when it comes to checking your building during a fire, which is why a robust system like a digital sign in will allow you to know at the touch of a button who else is in your building.