How Can I Get Organized With Boltless Shelving?

April 9, 2021 4:45 am


It can be frustrating when you go to purchase warehouse shelving and realize that it’s simply not what you need. You already spent so much money on the racks and you still can’t afford it. So, why are you still having a tough time locating it. The most likely answer is that your shelving isn’t called pallets racking, pallet rack, or even pallet shelves, depending upon how many you have.

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Truthfully, it’s not that difficult to figure out either. If you’re in an environment where storage needs to be constant and you can’t afford to keep buying new ones then the best bet is to head over to Rackzone and see what kind of stock they might have in the way of closed shelving. This is probably the only way to go about it, unless you want to invest in shipping materials.

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If you look at the quantity of shelving you have then you may very well be able to get more than one unit from the same company. Usually they’ll stack them up in crates and sell them off separately. So, if you have three foot by three foot storage units then you can buy four foot by four foot shelving units from the same company for less than a good deal of money. If you don’t see any in stock, don’t fret; you’ll be able to call around or go online and see if anybody else has any of these boltless shelving units.