What is a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

March 27, 2021 4:11 am


These vehicles are specifically designed to allow a wheelchair bound person to enter and exit a vehicle from the front, both sides or rear. A person in a wheelchair can navigate his or her way into almost any of these types of vehicles. Wheelchair bound people find it difficult to enter and exit vehicles without assistance, often finding themselves trapped in the vehicle, stuck or greatly inconvenienced. However, many new vehicles are now coming with wheelchair lifts and features that make it easier for wheelchair bound drivers and passengers to enter and exit their cars.

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Today’s modern vehicles offer a variety of different types of accessibility solutions to help those who are physically disabled to be able to drive on their own. For example, many trucks now come with a lifted panel for those who use a wheelchair to enter the vehicle. Similarly, many trucks now feature side access doors. In fact, there are now many new vehicles being sold that are equipped to provide persons who use a wheelchair with full access to all aspects of the vehicle. For more information on WAV Vehicles, visit clarke mobility wav vehicles

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These vehicles are specifically designed to allow a wheelchair user to enjoy their independence in a way that can’t be achieved with a non-accessible vehicle. There are a wide range of accessible vehicles available in all shapes, colours and sizes.