Common Tree Diseases That You Should Know About

August 14, 2020 4:42 pm


Tree diseases can be a nuisance, particularly for those who own trees, because they can destroy your trees or even your house. When it comes to tree diseases and how to prevent them, you have a variety of different options. There are many things that can happen to trees when they are attacked with a fungus, bacteria, or insect. Some diseases can occur within your home, while others are more widespread and can affect trees around the country. Tree diseases can be very serious and even deadly if not treated properly. It is always a good idea to have an experienced arborist or tree doctor look at your trees periodically, just to make sure that everything is in good health. For a Tree Surgeon Bournemouth, visit a site like

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Most tree diseases are species specific. Tree diseases are also seasonal, national and local. The following list is just a sample of tree diseases that you can experience, but infection and infestation from fungus and bacteria can range from region to region.

Anthracnose, the most common tree disease in trees and bushes, is caused by spores of fungi called dermatophytes. These fungi hide under the bark of your tree and release a thin film that can irritate the skin and respiratory passages of your tree.

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Fungus growths can occur on the leaves, stems, and needles of your tree. If you see any white spots on the leaves, stems, or needles, then your tree may be suffering from Pythium infection. Fungal growths on the trunk, leaves or branches can also result in wood decay and damage to your tree’s internal structure. As the fungus grows, the tree becomes weak and the tree becomes susceptible to other diseases and conditions.