Common problems from sitting at a desk.

August 14, 2020 6:02 pm


It’s becoming a fact of working life that we all sit down a lot more. Our jobs are no longer the physical tasks that they once were. The most common working environment that we find ourselves in is the office. This does create problems of its own. The back and our cardiovascular health is starting to suffer as a society. The increase in overweight and even obese wasitlines has been partially fuelled by thisl. At least you can look to protect your back and posture with some decent Draughtsman Chairs from What else can we do to counter the other issues?

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Firstly, you should take regular movement breaks. Take the time to get up, stretch and walk around the office as much as you can.   You should not sit down for more than 45 minutes at a time. If that is not an option then there are several yoga practices and desk stretch exercises that you can do to make up for that.

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The reason we need to get up and move is that the spine has a memory like all muscles. If it gets used to being in a certain position for any great length of time it starts to remember the bad posture, making matters worse. Human beings are not built to be static creatures, we are meant to move.

The other issues are in the neck. This can cause pressure on nerves that translate into headaches and eye strain. Again it is a good idea to move around as much as possible in the working day. Rather than eat lunch, why not take laps of the building instead.